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This section provides a case study to help guide you through setting your destination. You can also choose the ty F10 b) Use the Keyboard screen to enter Navman Street as the street name of your destination, then tap the search result.Note: In some countries, you can search for your destination by postcode or zip code. Note: There may be multiple matches for a particular street name.If you are in the United Kingdom, and you know the postcode of your destination, you can search for it from the Destination Search screen by tapping Pos F10 2. Long streets that run through several neighbouring areas, and common street names will produce search results ordered by their city or area name.

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Your Navman is equipped with maps that provide street-level detail for door-to-door navigation, including Points of Interest such as accommodation, parking areas, petrol stations, railway stations and airports. Enter a destination using the Destination Search, Keyboard and Preview screens, which used together form an address-entry wizard. Search results will be listed in matching order, with the closest matches appearing at the top of the list. The Keyboard screen can display with various layouts depending on the information you need to enter, including alphabet, number, alternate characters and combinations of these.

Keep this manual in a safe place and use as your first point of reference.

Important information for using the manual It is important to understand the terms and typographical conventions used in this manual.

CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or m F10 Internal battery-specific safety information The Navman contains a non-replaceable internal lithium-ion polymer battery.

The battery may burst or explode if mishandled, releasing hazardous chemicals.

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